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Better Reliability,
Better Safety,
Better Value

Nobody makes vape devices for cannabis brands like AVEO.

By providing localized warehousing and logistics, as well as in-house customization, and automation solutions, our partners remove the complexity of sourcing vape hardware.

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A Proven Leader in Vape Devices

From performance to shorter lead times, AVEO delivers quality and assurance making your company more profitable.

AVEO has managed the production of over 40 million vape cartridges and is producing the lowest failure rates along with the cleanest test results.

Fast & Reliable

Receive custom orders within 7 days

Aveo offers local UV printing capabilities and automated labeling options for brands that need immediate customization or required warning labels FAST – avoiding long turnaround times (4-6 weeks) when dealing with traditional Chinese factories.

Aveo utilizes child-safe and plant-based inks providing a great alternative to toxic inks and reduces overall pollution compared to traditional printing methods in China.

Build Your Own Cartridge Packs

AVEO®’s convenient DIY vape cartridge kits

Whether you’re trying to save a few bucks or simply love building things yourself, you need to check out AVEO®’s convenient DIY vape cartridge kits, designed specifically for plant-based extracts.

Our Easy-press Industrial Series cartridges are used by top manufacturers, as they offer tremendous reliability, safety and performance. And then for the mouthpiece tip, choose our popular ceramic or eco-friendly hemp plastic options to complete your set.

Introducing the Urth Disposable Vape

Finally a Disposable that Doesn't Destroy the Environment Thanks to Hemp Plastic

The Urth is a powerful ALL-IN-ONE device that incorporates our very own plant-based plastics with our flavor-preserving heating core, an integrated Helix mouthpiece that creates a cooling effect, a charge port, and a sturdy base to keep your device standing upright. Urth 2 coming soon!